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C.R. Cummings has written seven books which started out as eBooks.  Currently the Evensong Triolgy is unavailable as we are gearing up for the re-release of this series in both Print and eBook. 

Run, Run, Run Away
The Ivy Chronicles - 1

16 year old Ivy has made up her mind. Dealing with life after the death of her Grandparents and having to live with her psycho mother, is no life at all. She decides that running away is better than going into foster care, and takes off to live alone at Granddad’s isolated cabin, deep in the forests of Oregon. 

Getting there wasn’t the scary part, nor was being alone. What was scary was the discovery of her Grandma’s journals hidden in the cabin, along with her own true identity and the secrets concealed in the hemlock forest. 

Unsure which of her new friends to trust, Ivy is thrown head first into a life changing adventure and must decide if she has what it takes to embrace her destiny. 

Available in both Print and eBook 


Balance of the Three
   The Ivy Chronicles - 2
Life has moved on for Ivy.  She has started college and everything is back to normal…at least as far as her life goes.


Then one fateful day, a book is dropped at her feet.

Everything seems to go sideways from that point on. Zack wants to kill her, the fey Elders want to abduct her, and she finds herself surrounded by undead beings.  She regrets not paying attention to a note found hidden inside the book.

Ivy must accept help from the most unlikely of sources and fights against time to decipher a thousand year old riddle involving “The Balance of the Three.”

What is the Balance, and who, or what are the three that can bring it back?”


Available in both Print and eBook

Quest of the Evensongs 
~ The Evensong Trilogy - Book 1 ~


“Overnight Vila's simple life is shattered when she falls into a swirling pool and wakes to find herself alone.  Sounds vibrate around her, screaming, pleading;  Help us Vila!  Find the ones with knowledge!  Without much choice she is propelled into this perilous quest filled with magic, power and the unknown. 


Shul, a renegade Scribe from the Palace of the Blue Robes fights to keep the little ones in his care hidden from the ones that would have them killed.  Forced to return, they conceal themselves deep within the Palace. 


Questions haunt him; is he the cause of the deadness creeping across their world?  What...or who...are the Evensongs that called to him?  He took something years ago that he didn't have the right to, but now that he has it, what is he supposed to do with it? Adventure, intrigue and tangled relationships run rapid in this fanciful tale of a magical world, the young people striving to stay alive and the Evensongs trying to be heard.”

Currently Unavailable - Being Reworked for Printed Version due out Spring 2016

Lost in the Evensongs 
~ The Evensong Trilogy - Book 2 ~

“Pii is a child prodigy, his best friend is the heir to the planets, he shares his home with a warrior and a ballerina, and to top it off he’s in love with a Gipsie, could his life get any more strange?


The school year is just starting on the sparkling crystal planet at Niula College and Pii is about to learn just how bizarre it can get. A small drop of blood changes his and his friend’s lives forever.


A gripping adventure into fantasy as eight young college students find their way into the Evensongs and discover a power beyond their imaginations.”


 “Lost in the Evensongs” is the second book in the series ‘The Evensongs Trilogy’.  It is not the sequel, but the companion story, bringing both sets of characters to the same place in time. It can be read before or after “Quest of the Evensongs” (though the author likes it after), creating the harmony for “Chorus of the Evensongs” due out the in Spring 2012.

Currently Unavailable - Being Reworked for Printed Version due out Spring 2016

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