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C. R. Cummings

C.R. Cummings started penning her first stories in high school and finished her first novel soon after. She never published it, just had it waiting until the time was right. Her oldest sister's battle with ALS and her request that she would like to see her book published prompted Cummings to get to work.

Quest of the Evensongs was published in 2011 as an eBook and her sister was the first to receive a copy. Since that time she has published numerous other works and currently is revising each for paperback. Her love of fantasy, the forest and 60's music led her to write The Ivy Chronicles.

Raised in Ojai, California, Cummings comes from a family of very talented artists: Her mother, Anita Wann, Anita Wann - Watercolors, medium is Watercolors and her brother, Guy Wann, Guy Wann - Artist, still lives and paints his unique creations in Ojai.


Now a self-proclaimed Oregonian, she spends her free time reading, walking in the woods and hiding from the mountain of clothes that needs folding

Nichole Cummings


C.R. Cummings daughter Nichole is also a talented artist and has designed the covers for her mother's books, as well as provided 'in-house' editorial services. She also lives in Oregon, where she attends Southern Oregon University as an education major.  

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